Early Years Foundation Stage

St Mary's has its own nursery on site which together with the reception class, forms the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Both classes follow a topic-based curriculum, following the principles and skills progression of the Development Matters document. Children take part in a wide variety of activities that cover the 17 areas of learning, which are recorded electronically in their Interactive Learning Diary. All children are regularly assessed in these areas through a variety of activities including direct teaching or adult-led tasks, observations of the children at play and through parental contributions.
Children develop and practice their skills just as much at home as at school. Parents are encouraged to tell us all about their talented children and can download the WOW! sheet at the bottom of the page which can be placed in their child's Learning Journey. Parents can also upload photos and observations to their child's 'Interactive Learning Diary'
Open days are held once per term where parents are invited into the class to talk to staff about their child's development and next steps in learning.